Thursday, April 7

What is Honest Riches 2013?

Honest Riches (2013) is the NEWEST version of Holly Mann's internet marketing ebook. Honest Riches was first released in 2005, was shorter and less expensive. Since that time, Internet Marketing has rapidly changed, expanded in all sorts of new directions and to keep you informed - Holly re-created the past versions, updated, edited and created the Ultimate Comprehensive Guide - Honest Riches (245 pages in length, 10 mini-books, full of instructional tutorials). If you have not purchased past editions, that is ok because they are no longer available. The only book that you need is the new Honest Riches that is for sale now.

Honest Riches was created for the beginner Internet Marketer - or someone who already has some experience online but is NOT making a decent substantial income with that. If that is you - that means there are some changes that you can make, use new strategies and build up what you've already started to make it profitable (or find something else that is). Holly's e-book explains it all - from the very beginning to the very end. It is in step-by-step format. You do not need ANY experience - but you do need an Internet Connection (not a fast one, although it HELPS immensely), an OPEN mind, a couple hours a day (when starting out) and the MOTIVATION to do this. The techniques work - so if you are ready to push ahead with it - then Get started and pick up Honest Riches today!


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