Saturday, June 14

Honest Riches to Internet Millions

As you can see I have left this site relatively untouched for a while. Using Holly Mann's techniques I've been able to get this site into the Google top 10 for Honest Riches, Rich Jerk and No Thank You Rich Jerk. This has been a great profit maker for me which proves her techniques are right on!

You can do it too! My first entry in this blog was on June 4, 2006. By September it was highly ranked in the search engines and making good profits. Just follow her formula with your own ideas - be it an affiliate product like Holly's or your own niche idea. This site proves you can virtually do it for free using Blogger!

If you really want to pack a 1 - 2 punch then pick up a copy of Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions as well. It is a great supplement to Honest Riches and will get your online business the boost it needs.


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