Saturday, May 17

Killer Internet Marketing Strategies with Holly Mann

Well, it's happened! This website has taken off in search engine rankings and is now making a profit using Holly's HonestRiches killer internet marketing strategies. It has worked so well that my mind has been swimming with additional ideas that could potentially be breakthrough sites.

As we all know traffic is everything and driving traffic should be your #1 priority. In fact, I'm now convinced that website traffic promotion must be your daily task - put it on a napkin, get it in your Outlook task list, or go to your local office products store and get some notepads.

If you haven't gone back to read Holly Mann's ebook recently - be sure to reread chapters:

Chapter 6: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 7: Tricks to Get Your Website a Higher Ranking
Chapter 11: The Power of Press Releases

I will be walking through how I was able to use these very techniques to get my sites from a Google listing #321 to #29 in 7 days!


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