Friday, February 15

Online Business Education - Purchase Wisely

How many times a week do you receive a number of emails from all of your favorite marketers and gurus? No doubt someone comes along with the great new product or service that you have to buy to work from home or earn extra cash. Frankly, I'm no great judge when it comes to picking up a new product. I tend to use some quick internet research, forum posts and, frankly, my gut to make my decision. But when I'm stressed and tired I tend to get excited too quickly and have made the occasional spot buy. It almost happened again the other night but I've made a decision recently to always wait one day before making a purchase even if the price is low.

I know that too many times I have spent the money only to regret it the next day. We all want to succeed online and are looking for the quick fix especially if the product ad copy is written well. Also, some of the time I haven't gone back to look at my financial balance sheet to see if I really have the money to spend.

So, here's my advice - when you come across the hot new product to buy do the following: 1) always wait one full day - sleep on it first, 2) do a Yahoo or Google search for the product with keywords 'review', 'scam', 'problems', 'success', etc. and see what the general consensus is, and 3) post some questions about the product on an internet marketing forum to see if anyone has used it. If you follow these steps it should keep you from making the wrong spot buy!


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