Wednesday, January 23

Thank You Rich Jerk - Holly's Own Words (Part 1)

Holly wrote this article late last year and you can see her progress if you check out here testimony on her current site. Moving from Thank You Rich Jerk to Honest Riches has really driven significant traffic to her sites and her rise as a great interenet marketer. - D. James


Welcome! If you've discovered website - it is not by chance - maybe you are an Entrepreneur or you have a desire to become one. If you are looking into purchasing the Rich Jerk's ebook, my advice is to think again. It is not worth the price.


If you would like to make money online or work from home, you CAN. Don't go running off to quit your job just yet. If you want to work from home you need the tools and knowledge to do so. Changing a career is a big move and can be a scary one. Before taking a leap of faith, read some free articles and my Ebook, "Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets Revealed," and browse the rest of the site for more free resources about making money online & being an entrepreneur.

About Me. My name is Holly Mann and I've been working online for 5 years now. I was previously a soldier in the U.S. Army and served as a Journalist, Photographer and Website Designer. That's where my Internet career started. I obtained some injuries while in the military and because of this I needed to change my career path and find a job that I could do from home. I started out small, designing and selling websites. Then things slowly progressed and I started my own website design company, MannCo. Designs. All of my work was done online; no need to make phone calls or drive anywhere. As time passed I became what some would call, "A Computer Nerd," and I became addicted to the Internet and Making Money Online, Websites, Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Ebooks, eBay, Search Engine Optimization and more...


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