Tuesday, July 1

Some Testimonials for Honest Riches

Holly, you never cease to amaze me!

Holly, I must say your new version is absolutely fantastic. In the first issue I learned much of what I know today. With the second version, you've taken it to a whole new level again, with some of the newer techniques for 2007 and beyond. Excellent site tutorials and great resources, some that had never occured to me. I've already been able to put these awesome new resources to work for me. Great job, Holly!!!

Davin Ogden aka The Davin Website: LuvComputer's PC Repair

Your honesty and true desire to help...

Holly,I read the new e-book and think it is another exceptional product. Thankyou for sending me the upgrade. Your honesty and your true desire to helppeople with this business are obvious. I believe that this is one of your many qualities that has made you a success, and that will keep you successful. Iam happy to have found you and be able to say that I know you in this smallcapacity.

Jeff J. Website: AAH Marketing

Honest Riches is an amazing ebook - just check out Holly's testimonials:

Hi Holly! Your information is OUTSTANDING! I have studied internet marketing for years and you pointed out some areas I needed to improve on! Purchasing your product was priceless! You got right to the point and did not waste my time.

DeWayne H., http://www.moviedownloadmatrix.com.

Hi Holly. My name is Tracy Yates and I run a little ebook reseller site called E-Book Emporium. I've been doing this for the last 3 years and I have to say, your ebook was simply refreshing! It's full of outstanding information that anyone can use, and I have to tell you, it even inspired me to write my own ebook on the subject!

Heck, I even promote your ebook from within my own. It's that damn good!! I tell you Holly, the little $14.95 was probably the BEST investment I have made in the past YEAR. Whether you're a "newbie" or a seasoned Internet Marketer, your ebook has plenty of fantastic and insightful information in it to get you started in the right direction to begin earning money online.

Tracy Yates, http://www.e-bookemporium.us/.

I recently purchased the Richjerk ebook and found it very interesting. Then I saw your advert and purchased your E-book also ā€“ I must say Iā€™m very pleased ā€“ cheaper and also, I think, better ā€“ easier to read and easier to put into practice.

Kent, www.systems4profit.co.uk.

Hi Holly, I got your ebook some time ago and I must say it's one of the best I've ever read.

Alexander B..

WoW! Kudos to you, Holly, for packing so much meat and only the
important & effective things that matter, with online marketing success! I found myself zipping through to the end in record-time (and it usually takes me forever to finish reading any document larger than 2 or 3 pages!),.....and actually wanting more tips & tricks and strats from you!! I wish I woulda started with your book to begin with, rather than having to go around in circles spending countless time & money on a bunch of regurgitated crap that isn't broken down & simplified, as you have done. And for such value, the nominal rate you charge is a friggin' steal!

Alain Diza, http://www.mymangosteen.com/trusted.

Within two weeks my website has gotten to top 15 search results for Google. The book saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you!!!!

Mike B

Great book. :) I really wanted to have a website but I didn't know how to design or keep up with it...now I got one up and running for free and it looks great...And I know how to profit from it! Thanks for the info.



Anonymous BradKamer said...

The principles taught in the Honest Riches e-book really do work as the testimonials state. The forum that goes with the e-book is even more helpful.

11:07 AM  

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