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Priced Too Low!

Any time I find an article promoting Holly's work - I like to get it published. I agree with all of Tony's comments. -D. James


Thank You Rich Jerk E-Book Review
By Tony Paul

I purchased Thank You Rich Jerk and was AMAZED AT THE AMOUNT OF INFO PACKED INTO 31 PAGES. Holly Mann gives a full blown explanation of how to make a lot of money on the internet by doing a lot of different things, step by step that are all part of a package THAT WILL MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

Holly Mann begins her book by detailing how a newbie can get started without a website. In comparison to the Rich Jerk, she takes a lot more time laying out steps that newbies can use to become effective. Her approach is engineered to take a person who does not know anything about making money on the internet step by step through a process that I believe was the same process she went through herself to get her to where she is today, very successful.

Holly then outlines how you can get a website created for you if you don't know how, and for those who want to know how, she specifies software you can purchase to create your own website easily. Holly then outlines how to optimize the site you just created. She then gets into how you should pick the keywords for your new site, domain name(s), and then eventually promote the website(s) to get a top search engine ranking for FREE! Thank You Rich Jerk is priced too low in my opinion.

And in my opinion too! -D. James

After all the detailed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips, she then gives you places that you can go to promote your new website to get traffic to it. She even gives you tips to improve the traffic to your website. She had less than 100 visitors her first month to over 10,000 visitors to her site just THREE MONTHS LATER!

Holly Mann then shows you websites you can sign up on for FREE, and promote products that you WILL get paid commission on! She then lists easy ways to make extra money on those sites in five minutes!

She then gives tips for wholesaling goods and special tips for selling goods on EBAY. Like I mentioned earlier, Thank You Rich Jerk is priced way too cheap in my opinion and she could sell this for at least three times more. I would buy this info because its a steal!

Please note that Holly's ebook price has increased a little to $19.95. -D. James

"Thank You Rich Jerk" has been reviewed and I give it two thumbs up!! This book is a steal for $14.95!

Tony Paul is an internet entrepreneur who reviews money making programs on his website

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Blogger kno-about said...

Hi everyone- it's worth noting the price of the eBook has gone up a bit since this article was written- it is currently $27.95, but in my opinion is still well worth this.
I have been into internet marketing for over a year, and have done a lot of research, but everything I had learned and more, including how Holly has made her money is covered in Hollys eBook. I could have saved myself a lot of time if only I had read this a year ago!
For a comparison between Holly Manns and the Rich Jerks eBooks, have a look at this Rich Jerk vs. Holly Mann Article.

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