Saturday, January 12

Economical Alternative to The Rich Jerk - Part 2

Of course, that made me start a new research. In a nutshell: She said that her e-book contained basically the same info as the rich jerk's e-book. What made it even more attractive for me is her approach. Unlike the rich jerk she doesn't insult your intelligence and dignity by reminding you how much of a loser you are, and how he's sooooo much better than you. Her e-book even had more useful info than his, she said!

I don't want to give to much away, but if you're just starting out (like me) Holly's e-book is a must have. She covers topics that are essential for "newbies" to know. For example tips for search engine optimization, affiliate recources, hosting and webdesign recources, blogging and forums and much more. Valuable information an basic internet marketing every netpreneur must know. The book is very pleasant to read (thanks to Holly's gentle, helpful writing style) and is not to long. Just 31 pages jampacked with good stuff. Dealing with Holly is a dream; she responded immediately to every question I had, and even after the purchase she maintains contact.

I have to say that using the techniques in the e-book, I started seeing result right away (Holly, where were you all this time?). I made enough to have my website built in less then 2 months!
So I highly recommend "Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets Revealed!" to anyone.
Or, if you can afford it, get The Rich Jerks e-book.

Timothy Eisden is the founder of, a website that offers resale rights products.


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