Sunday, January 13

Economical Alternative to The Rich Jerk

An (economical) alternative for The Rich Jerk's e-book

Everybody has heard about The Rich Jerk. So did I. I started to do some research on his e-book, and every review or testimonial I found were positive. The only thing that stopped me from buying it at that time, was the price. I mean, it obviously was a great e-book, but I just could afford $97 at the time. Then I found out the price dropped to $47. I was about 98% determined to make the purchase, when another product caught my attention.

Just as I was finishing with my research and making a final Google search, I found an e-book called "Breakthrough Money-Making Secrtes Revealed!". It was interesting, because the author, Holly Mann, wasn't a high profile guru or something, just a regualr girl who claimed to be making $8000 a month. Her e-book and website seemed to be popular, and I quickly understood why: the price of her e-book was $14.95!

Please note that Holly has increased her price to $19.97. -D. James


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