Thursday, April 7

What is Honest Riches 2013?

Honest Riches (2013) is the NEWEST version of Holly Mann's internet marketing ebook. Honest Riches was first released in 2005, was shorter and less expensive. Since that time, Internet Marketing has rapidly changed, expanded in all sorts of new directions and to keep you informed - Holly re-created the past versions, updated, edited and created the Ultimate Comprehensive Guide - Honest Riches (245 pages in length, 10 mini-books, full of instructional tutorials). If you have not purchased past editions, that is ok because they are no longer available. The only book that you need is the new Honest Riches that is for sale now.

Honest Riches was created for the beginner Internet Marketer - or someone who already has some experience online but is NOT making a decent substantial income with that. If that is you - that means there are some changes that you can make, use new strategies and build up what you've already started to make it profitable (or find something else that is). Holly's e-book explains it all - from the very beginning to the very end. It is in step-by-step format. You do not need ANY experience - but you do need an Internet Connection (not a fast one, although it HELPS immensely), an OPEN mind, a couple hours a day (when starting out) and the MOTIVATION to do this. The techniques work - so if you are ready to push ahead with it - then Get started and pick up Honest Riches today!

Wednesday, March 16

Honest Riches Updated for 2013!

Just a quick note that Holly Mann has updated Honest Riches in a new 2013 edition. She has added an unbelievable amount of additional information making it even better than before.

Besides the original material she has added sections on getting your business setup, content management solutions, hosting tips, goldmine of new SEO techniques and much, much more!

Here's a quote from Holly:

I receive quite a few letters from people from all over the world. The letters people email to me are sometimes extremely personal. I hear from every single age group, from 15-70. I hear from people with sicknesses, diseases, disabilities. I hear from single parents and veterans. I want to help each person, but I don't have the time to be a personal mentor or coach. So I am doing what I can with my free time - to continually update my ebook with the best resources as well as putting all my best resources on this website for all to see. I am lucky that I have not spent thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick schemes online. I haven't had to. Although I know how to make a good living on the Internet, I always want to learn more and stay on top of the ever-changing internet marketing world.

Get Honest Riches today!

Wednesday, December 15

Even More Testimonials for Honest Riches

"I learned more in 30 minutes of reading Holly's book, 'Honest Riches', than I did from spending 30 days in a program where I received instruction from a whole team of internet marketing experts. That is the absolute truth - not an exaggeration. Holly provides so much more detailed information and direction, and so many more resources, than I've seen anywhere else - even in courses that were ten times the price of Holly's. Holly Mann, you're my hero!"


"You can tell the difference between someone who just wants to sell you their course and someone like Holly Mann, who genuinely wants to HELP YOU succeed. As far as I'm concerned, for anyone wanting to operate a profitable internet business, Holly Mann's 'Honest Riches' program is a gift from God."


"Holly, please never relent in your efforts to continuously impact others positively, most especially the less- privileged around the world. As you are committed to building and lifting others up, the Lord God Almighty shall never cease to surprise you with unexplainable breakthroughs."


"One of the things that impressed me most about you was your availability and support, even after the purchase. The personal and individual attention is not only very quick, but absolutely incredible! You really do want others to learn and succeed! How refreshing! We could certainly use more people like you in the industry. It has been a pleasure reading your e-book. I look forward to your next one!"


"I had to send you an email to say, 'Thank you!' You have a heart of gold and you are truly an angel. I could hardly believe how much useful information was in your ebook. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on money making online programs and almost all of them have been useless."


"Your book is straight and to the point and even a computer dummy like me can understand and follow. It has so much useful information in just a short period of text that even I can read and follow the whole book in just a short time and get so much more done and started toward making some real money instead of just spending it."

Monday, September 15

Just What is Honest Riches?

What is Honest Riches?
  • E-Book to teach you exactly how to create an income working online!
  • 95 Pages in length - without fluff or filler - an all detailed and step-by-step guide.
  • Beginners welcome - and those who have experience online but who are NOT making money or increasing profits.
  • Photo tutorials to assist you in your steps to success.
  • No experience necessary, no products to SELL & no inventory.
  • No "paid-to-surf" or anything like that.
  • All legit and all the SAME techniques and steps used to make $12K+ online!
  • Affiliate marketing, SEO, research, keywords, niches, websites, non-website incomes, residual multiple income streams, and much more!

Who is Honest Riches For?
  • Young, old, disabled, healthy, single, married, kids, adults, eldery - ANYONE who has the strong desire to change his/her life and finances.
  • If you are the type to NOT GIVE UP and to stay focused on what you are doing, this is for YOU!
  • Motivated individuals who are ready to have financial freedom!
Personally, I have to tell you that this is one of the single best guides to making a living online that I have encountered. It has dramatically increased my own revenues and Holly's an amazing person as well.

Don't miss out - get Honest Riches today? What do you have to lose? It's inexpensive, has a money back guarentee and Holly is no hype - just truly honest and trustworthy.

Tuesday, July 1

Some Testimonials for Honest Riches

Holly, you never cease to amaze me!

Holly, I must say your new version is absolutely fantastic. In the first issue I learned much of what I know today. With the second version, you've taken it to a whole new level again, with some of the newer techniques for 2007 and beyond. Excellent site tutorials and great resources, some that had never occured to me. I've already been able to put these awesome new resources to work for me. Great job, Holly!!!

Davin Ogden aka The Davin Website: LuvComputer's PC Repair

Your honesty and true desire to help...

Holly,I read the new e-book and think it is another exceptional product. Thankyou for sending me the upgrade. Your honesty and your true desire to helppeople with this business are obvious. I believe that this is one of your many qualities that has made you a success, and that will keep you successful. Iam happy to have found you and be able to say that I know you in this smallcapacity.

Jeff J. Website: AAH Marketing

Honest Riches is an amazing ebook - just check out Holly's testimonials:

Hi Holly! Your information is OUTSTANDING! I have studied internet marketing for years and you pointed out some areas I needed to improve on! Purchasing your product was priceless! You got right to the point and did not waste my time.

DeWayne H.,

Hi Holly. My name is Tracy Yates and I run a little ebook reseller site called E-Book Emporium. I've been doing this for the last 3 years and I have to say, your ebook was simply refreshing! It's full of outstanding information that anyone can use, and I have to tell you, it even inspired me to write my own ebook on the subject!

Heck, I even promote your ebook from within my own. It's that damn good!! I tell you Holly, the little $14.95 was probably the BEST investment I have made in the past YEAR. Whether you're a "newbie" or a seasoned Internet Marketer, your ebook has plenty of fantastic and insightful information in it to get you started in the right direction to begin earning money online.

Tracy Yates,

I recently purchased the Richjerk ebook and found it very interesting. Then I saw your advert and purchased your E-book also – I must say I’m very pleased – cheaper and also, I think, better – easier to read and easier to put into practice.


Hi Holly, I got your ebook some time ago and I must say it's one of the best I've ever read.

Alexander B..

WoW! Kudos to you, Holly, for packing so much meat and only the
important & effective things that matter, with online marketing success! I found myself zipping through to the end in record-time (and it usually takes me forever to finish reading any document larger than 2 or 3 pages!),.....and actually wanting more tips & tricks and strats from you!! I wish I woulda started with your book to begin with, rather than having to go around in circles spending countless time & money on a bunch of regurgitated crap that isn't broken down & simplified, as you have done. And for such value, the nominal rate you charge is a friggin' steal!

Alain Diza,

Within two weeks my website has gotten to top 15 search results for Google. The book saved me a ton of time and money. Thank you!!!!

Mike B

Great book. :) I really wanted to have a website but I didn't know how to design or keep up with I got one up and running for free and it looks great...And I know how to profit from it! Thanks for the info.


Saturday, June 14

Honest Riches to Internet Millions

As you can see I have left this site relatively untouched for a while. Using Holly Mann's techniques I've been able to get this site into the Google top 10 for Honest Riches, Rich Jerk and No Thank You Rich Jerk. This has been a great profit maker for me which proves her techniques are right on!

You can do it too! My first entry in this blog was on June 4, 2006. By September it was highly ranked in the search engines and making good profits. Just follow her formula with your own ideas - be it an affiliate product like Holly's or your own niche idea. This site proves you can virtually do it for free using Blogger!

If you really want to pack a 1 - 2 punch then pick up a copy of Ryan Orrell's Internet Millions as well. It is a great supplement to Honest Riches and will get your online business the boost it needs.

Saturday, May 17

Killer Internet Marketing Strategies with Holly Mann

Well, it's happened! This website has taken off in search engine rankings and is now making a profit using Holly's HonestRiches killer internet marketing strategies. It has worked so well that my mind has been swimming with additional ideas that could potentially be breakthrough sites.

As we all know traffic is everything and driving traffic should be your #1 priority. In fact, I'm now convinced that website traffic promotion must be your daily task - put it on a napkin, get it in your Outlook task list, or go to your local office products store and get some notepads.

If you haven't gone back to read Holly Mann's ebook recently - be sure to reread chapters:

Chapter 6: Search Engine Optimization
Chapter 7: Tricks to Get Your Website a Higher Ranking
Chapter 11: The Power of Press Releases

I will be walking through how I was able to use these very techniques to get my sites from a Google listing #321 to #29 in 7 days!

Monday, April 14

Exclusive Interview - Holly Mann Reveals Her Path to Success

Holly, from your Honest Riches website I get a sense of an interesting and diverse background. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I'm a 24 year old woman with a 19 month old son. Like many others, I survived a rough childhood and am a stronger person for it today. I have many interests, including: my son, world traveling, volunteering, learning languages, experiencing other cultures, extreme yoga/contortion, writing, photography and art in all forms. I also really enjoy working online; internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization and creating successful online ventures and websites. I enjoy embracing challenges and overcoming them - and each new site is a hurdle and when it's conquered it's a good feeling. One of the worst feelings I've experienced (other than seeing my son physically hurt) is the feeling of guilt associated with financial instability. Parents want their children to have a world of opportunities, financial stability and endless possibilities. That feeling of guilt and the stress from having no money was what pushed me to break into Internet Marketing. I don't want others to keep feeling that way as well. I want them to have hope - and realistically understand how to make money online, what is involved and what is required for them to be successful - then go for it!

How did you happen to get into the Internet Marketing industry? What were the deciding factors?

I'm going to be completely honest. For the first time after years of living on my own, being in the Army and traveling around Asia by myself - I became dependent on others for my survival. I am a single mom and my 4 1/2 month old son and I were cooped up in tiny room I rented out of my brother and his wife's home. It wasn't in a very good neighborhood outside of Milwaukee, and I was trying to survive on $700 dollars a month. I had lived in Thailand when I was 16 as an exchange student with the Rotary Club and I loved it there; the people, food and culture. I decided to sell all of our belongings and move there. I knew I could afford to live on $700 a month there while I got the Internet Businesses started. I didn't need to put my son in daycare - so I could take care of him and still break into Internet Marketing. It was a freeing feeling, but also very scary. The last item I sold prior to leaving was my laptop which I worked on. It was a Sony Vaio I bought while I was working overseas in Iraq (and was actually saving a little money) and I sold it on ebay in order to have enough to buy our airline tickets. After flying for nearly 24 hours, we arrived in Chiangmai, Thailand. I found a small studio apartment and had serious troubles getting an internet connection. I also couldn't afford a computer. So, I went to a computer parts store and bought all of the parts needed to put a computer together. I didn't know what I was doing, but the guys there put it together included in the total price. Most of the parts were used and so they were much cheaper. The total cost for the contraption was a little over $250 dollars U.S. The computer screen alone weighed at least 30 pounds and looked like something from the 1960s. The actual base and hard drive made a really loud buzzing noise all the time. I lived in a 13 story building and there was a phone switch board with 4 lines. I bought an Internet Card from the store and hooked my computer up to the phone connected to the slow switchboard. I held up that line for hours at a time, as others were trying to call in and out of the building. I'll never forget how seemingly impossible it felt to publish a website with Microsoft Frontpage on a 24KBPS connection speed! I thought about giving up on it as it took hours and hours to publish one simple website update. But I didn't give up, and within four months I was making 12K per month and FINALLY got DSL Internet!

It looks like you've had some very exciting successes over the last year. What do you attribute your online growth to? Did you follow someone's formula or path?

Thank you. I didn't follow anyone's formula. If something I did worked well, I continued with it and built on it. I have tried out many different methods to find the ones which are most successful and quickest to implement. My search engine optimization techniques, along with keyword research have made me the most money. I've learned patience - and not to jump into creating a site without conducting full research to know exactly what the market is searching for, how many times are they typing that phrase in the search engines per day, how many competing sites, similar phrases, etc. Some people think certain phrases will get them traffic but without doing the proper research, you can set yourself up for failure. Besides research, my success is due to diligence, hard work and having the hope and motivation to know that it's possible. Last but not least - my customers are very important to me. People are getting ripped off and scammed all the time. Many people who contact me are at the end of their rope - already given up with a small amount of hope left after reading about my program. I try to be as supportive, honest and help them the best that I can at: Although I haven't followed anyone's path, Mike Filsaime has been a huge inspiration to me and someone I have learned a lot from. One technique I learned from him increased my yearly income by quite a lot of money. I created a site about him at: as a thank you and to share my story with others. It was neat because he stumbled upon the site and emailed me to thank me for the support and to tell me he was happy the techniques were working for me.

Do you have a sense of how much time you have put into Honest Riches?

The e-book is actually being sold on four different websites. I put a lot of time into creating the sites. I put many hours over different spans of time after the creation of the e-book - in updating it with the most current internet marketing techniques. I learn new profitable things every day, and some methods change according to different internet marketing trends. I spend a lot of time updating the e-book and the last update was on August 23rd, making it 54 pages long.

You have been getting a lot of positive reviews and recommendations - has getting your products and presence online been a positive experience? What have been the downsides?

It's been an amazing experience. I didn't realize how big it would become. I had no idea. For me, there has been a downfall but it is a minor one. I really enjoy applying all of the techniques I explain in the e-book. I love the research phase, discovering niches, creating websites, making it a success. I'm currently working on a website which will profit from affiliate programs. It's not really a niche because it has over 30 million competing websites. I like the challenge and I'm currently optimizing it and trying to finish it. The only downfall (which isn't a big one) is that since I created the e-book I receive a ton of emails from people. Many people email me and ask general questions which the answers are online if the question is typed in Google. Many people buy the e-book and then lose the download link and ask for it again and again. That doesn't sound like a big deal but then after I send the link - they may send a thank you, then I say "you're welcome" then they say, "oh by the way, I loved your e-book" and I get wrapped up in a funny web of short email notes. With tens of thousands of customers that can be overwhelming. I have become much better with organizing the emails and time management. So, what I am saying is, I have only 3-5 hours online each day while my son is in daycare part time and I'd love to spend some of that time working on my projects but I get caught up in a lot of emails. That is the only downfall but it's just a matter of me managing my time. I make a huge effort in responding to emails within 24 hours and I personally answer each one. I don't want to hire someone to do that because I really enjoying helping my customers.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently if you were starting today?

No there isn't. Everything I have done has taught me something. I put so much time learning when I first started. I know four months is a short period of time but there are 24 hours in a day and I spent day and night (while my son was sleeping and playing) learning all that I could learn. I slept so little, became addicted to coffee and I am a better person for it. I wouldn't change a thing!

What is your advice to newbie's out there looking to get started? Can almost anyone do this?

First, attitude is very important. Be positive - be ready to learn loads of new things. Be ready to work. If you are realistic, deeply motivated and ready to plunge into this then I believe it is definitely possible for any newbie to make money online. Don't be ready to give up the second you get confused by a new concept or technique. Too many people do that. If this is all new to you then it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed. Stick with it, look for more information online in forums or ask me and others at the Honest Riches Community LiveJournal.

If there was one marketing secret you can share with everyone what would that be?

One word: Wordtracker. It's a goldmine.

Who are your favorite mentors and/or online marketers that you follow closely?

Mike Filsaime is the only one who comes to mind. :)

Any exciting new plans for the future?

Once finished with the site I am currently working on, I'll either keep the residual income or sell the site to a large company. I don't want to give any more details on it - but I'll have to keep you posted on that. Non-work wise, I have some future plans. At my son's age it is too difficult to travel with him (it was a nightmare flying from our last destination to the states). So in a year or so from now I plan to return to Thailand and visit several other countries to volunteer at orphanages. I could baby-sit, teach English, computer skills, etc. For my personal goals and plans - I started training in contortion in June of 2006 and will continue to work on that. I'm really dedicated to it and spend at least one hour per day training. (See for details)

Thanks so much, Holly, for sharing your amazing path to success online!!

Sunday, April 13

Adsense Videos

Do High-Paying Adsense Keywords Really Work?
By Michael Cheney

That’s what I want to talk to you about today. A lot of people try and find on the Internet places where they can buy or get hold of the highest-paying AdSense keywords. The idea is that if you have the right keywords you can actually generate dollars per click. Rather than being paid just a few cents per click from your AdSense ads, if you use the right keywords you can actually generate several dollars per click.

Now a lot of people are advertising for these types of services and these types of high-paying AdSense keyword lists, but do they really work? Well I’ve tried a lot of them out and some of them are better than others. There are free lists out there and, obviously, in this life you get what you pay for. The free lists generally aren’t worth anything at all and really aren’t worth investing your time in.
Some of the paid lists are quite useful. What you should remember though, is that on top of getting the keyword lists you need to actually create the content that includes these keywords on your website.

Just having access to the keywords isn’t going to be enough to generate lots of high-valued clicks for you. If you combine a high-paying keyword list with lots of great content that includes those keywords, then you’re actually starting to get into the realm of high-paying AdSense ads.

Google itself will sometimes implement 'smart pricing.' Smart pricing is Google’s attempt to try and level the playing field. If, for example, you suddenly start to earn massive amounts of revenue from certain clicks, it will somehow rebalance the playing field so that the clicks are better reflected in the actual return on investment for the advertiser.

At the end of the day you need to be delivering clicks through AdSense that are of value to the advertiser. That’s what a lot of people forget about when they start looking at the highest paying AdSense keywords.

Having said all that, you can use these keyword lists to generate lots and lots of revenue. I’ve done this myself on some of my sites and now earn over one thousand dollars every three days. Google pays me lots of money to place their ads on my sites. I’m getting clicks that some of them are worth a few dollars each. The key to it is to get great content. The list on its own is not enough.

So remember that you can succeed with this strategy, but don’t forget to actually create excellent articles and content on your website that include these keywords; not too heavily, but just enough so that the ads displayed are the ones with the highest bids.

Watch these AdSense Videos right now and discover how Michael makes over $15,000 per month just using AdSense:
Article Source:

Saturday, March 29

Marketing What You Have a Passion For

No topic drives me crazier than this. And, frankly, it is the complete opposite of the current trends in internet marketing. What would be the reason for this? The answer ties directly to AdSense niche marketing and the information underworld. People are putting up niche websites on all kinds of topics - mostly targeted at the highest paying keyword phrases. This kind of marketing work stabs right in the heart of who you are.

Let me explore this a bit differently. Let's say your real passions are coffee, golf, and reading books on religion. And let's say that you are an expert software architect and have a plethora of knowledge on that subject. Now let's look at some of the highest paying keyword search categories:

DUI, Mortgate, Travel, Health, Gambling, Entertainment, Legal Help, Refinancing, etc.

Many new internet marketers are choosing highly rated keyword phrases to put up niche Adsense sites focusing on these areas as well as others. But, why would you put up a niche site on lazik eye surgery if you love golf, coffee, religion and software? The answer, simply to make money! The goal of most niche sites is pure profitability. I'm not saying that making a profit is bad - all I am saying is that doing work strictly for profits will eventually burn you out. There are a number of packaged products just for nich marketing you can buy to quickly jump into high-paying markets. But, once built do you really care about the information any more to push these sites forward?

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones whose interests fit a high paying niche then good for you. But, don't be discouraged! You can generally find something that fits your passions and interests that can be managed as an income source. If you love to golf then build on your golf swing, if you love coffee then build on coffee types, etc. Just remember that it will be much easier for you to add original content to anything that you really care about.

Friday, February 15

Online Business Education - Purchase Wisely

How many times a week do you receive a number of emails from all of your favorite marketers and gurus? No doubt someone comes along with the great new product or service that you have to buy to work from home or earn extra cash. Frankly, I'm no great judge when it comes to picking up a new product. I tend to use some quick internet research, forum posts and, frankly, my gut to make my decision. But when I'm stressed and tired I tend to get excited too quickly and have made the occasional spot buy. It almost happened again the other night but I've made a decision recently to always wait one day before making a purchase even if the price is low.

I know that too many times I have spent the money only to regret it the next day. We all want to succeed online and are looking for the quick fix especially if the product ad copy is written well. Also, some of the time I haven't gone back to look at my financial balance sheet to see if I really have the money to spend.

So, here's my advice - when you come across the hot new product to buy do the following: 1) always wait one full day - sleep on it first, 2) do a Yahoo or Google search for the product with keywords 'review', 'scam', 'problems', 'success', etc. and see what the general consensus is, and 3) post some questions about the product on an internet marketing forum to see if anyone has used it. If you follow these steps it should keep you from making the wrong spot buy!

Monday, February 11

Some SEO myths

If you are building many sites and working hard on your SEO optimization - this video should clear up a few questions.

Matt Cutts, who works at Google, answers Google questions:
- Myths: 1) sites on the same server, 2) IP, or 2) including off-domain JavaScript
- Launching sites with millions of pages: how should I do it best?
- Google images: updates on the horizon, and current Google Images technology

Friday, February 1

Holly Mann - NO Thank You Rich Jerk - Honest Riches!

Like many of us working with Internet Marketing products and services it is truly refreshing when someone comes along with a great product at a very reasonable price. Holly Mann has done just that! Packaging some of the very best information available for making money online, she has marketed directly against the latest Rich Jerk material and created a masterful winner!

Holly is a mother, entrepreneur, and disabled veteran of the U.S. Army. Now making $10,000 to $12,000 USD per month with only a few hours of work per day she has joined the internet marketing top ranks. Her ebook is detailed with step-by-step instructions, proven techniques, and easy ways to start making money online immediately. Don't be fooled by the price - I picked up this book and found it to be a goldmine of information.

By reversing The Rich Jerk's anti-marketing sales pitch, she has found a niche to selling information just as valuable as his for only a quarter of the price. Every online strategy and profit technique is broken-down so you can understand not only what to do, but how to do it and how to profit from it the most.

Here's what you get: search engine optimization techniques (which she tells you how she got her site this high placement and how you can do the same), ways to make money online through Affiliate programs with no Web site and no start-up money, Free Web sites that you can easily setup with no experience, free advertising that you never knew existed.

I assure you that if you are a new or intermediate online marketer this smart woman's guide, NO Thank You Rich Jerk - Honest Riches!, is worth every penny!

Thursday, January 24

Thank You Rich Jerk - Holly's Own Words (Part 2)

I find it interesting that Holly's methods makes it much easier to to become an internet marketer than trying all of the techniques that she mentions. I had the same experience - I assume this is part of the learning experience but you should take note that she does provide a path that you can follow. -D. James.
It took a long time to learn all the money-making tips, tricks and techniques. I invested some money, I spent endless days and nights reading and trying different techniques out. As a result I have Mastered the 'game' of how to make money online - work from home - and I only work a few hours a day while my 10 month old baby is sleeping. And, I am not talking about a supplemental income: I am making more money doing this a few hours a day than I have ever made with any full-time job I've had; more than my parents make and they went to school quite a few years longer than I did to obtain higher educational degrees. When I wake up every morning and check my email to see dozens of emails stating, "Payment Received," over and over again it is a good feeling and sense of freedom. I had struggled like many others for quite a while trying to work dead-end jobs and prior to my son's birth I also worked for several contracting companies overseas - in dangerous countries in a desperate attempt to save money. So this is my life and I understand how frustrating it can be to always worry about making money and saving money.

Now my life is different and I love my life as an entrepreneur - and I'll never look back and I'll never take another job working for someone else. You don't have to either. You really can make a living online if you are willing to put in some work and be dedicated to maintaining and expanding on what you are doing. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It does require work: not hard work, but it may be boring at times but it is also exciting as you see your work progress and you see results. If you are willing to accept all of this - then Let's Get Started! Please go to: NOW!

Holly Mann is a veteran of the U.S. Army. She currently works as an Entrepreneur with her own website design and search engine optimization services.

Wednesday, January 23

Thank You Rich Jerk - Holly's Own Words (Part 1)

Holly wrote this article late last year and you can see her progress if you check out here testimony on her current site. Moving from Thank You Rich Jerk to Honest Riches has really driven significant traffic to her sites and her rise as a great interenet marketer. - D. James


Welcome! If you've discovered website - it is not by chance - maybe you are an Entrepreneur or you have a desire to become one. If you are looking into purchasing the Rich Jerk's ebook, my advice is to think again. It is not worth the price.


If you would like to make money online or work from home, you CAN. Don't go running off to quit your job just yet. If you want to work from home you need the tools and knowledge to do so. Changing a career is a big move and can be a scary one. Before taking a leap of faith, read some free articles and my Ebook, "Breakthrough Money-Making Secrets Revealed," and browse the rest of the site for more free resources about making money online & being an entrepreneur.

About Me. My name is Holly Mann and I've been working online for 5 years now. I was previously a soldier in the U.S. Army and served as a Journalist, Photographer and Website Designer. That's where my Internet career started. I obtained some injuries while in the military and because of this I needed to change my career path and find a job that I could do from home. I started out small, designing and selling websites. Then things slowly progressed and I started my own website design company, MannCo. Designs. All of my work was done online; no need to make phone calls or drive anywhere. As time passed I became what some would call, "A Computer Nerd," and I became addicted to the Internet and Making Money Online, Websites, Marketing, Affiliate Programs, Ebooks, eBay, Search Engine Optimization and more...

Sunday, January 13

Economical Alternative to The Rich Jerk

An (economical) alternative for The Rich Jerk's e-book

Everybody has heard about The Rich Jerk. So did I. I started to do some research on his e-book, and every review or testimonial I found were positive. The only thing that stopped me from buying it at that time, was the price. I mean, it obviously was a great e-book, but I just could afford $97 at the time. Then I found out the price dropped to $47. I was about 98% determined to make the purchase, when another product caught my attention.

Just as I was finishing with my research and making a final Google search, I found an e-book called "Breakthrough Money-Making Secrtes Revealed!". It was interesting, because the author, Holly Mann, wasn't a high profile guru or something, just a regualr girl who claimed to be making $8000 a month. Her e-book and website seemed to be popular, and I quickly understood why: the price of her e-book was $14.95!

Please note that Holly has increased her price to $19.97. -D. James